They will be making headlines across Australia

Also taken during the assault was what the military is calling “substantial” material and evidence which may show not only any further connection between Bin Laden and other possible countries that can be linked to the terrorist attacks on the US and other countries but may also show how he has been managing to avoid US military operatives for all of these years.

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Canada Goose sale But within a few short years, it will end in tears, family despair, reputational ruin, jail. They will be making headlines across Australia, sitting across from one another in a courtroom in the historic St James Supreme Court, tossing verbal hand grenades at each other via their high priced legal teams. Hartman will be the star witness against his former bestie. Curtis will fight tooth and nail, via every legal means possible, to halt his trial. Hartman will say they both have a gambling problem, and also label Curtis a “show off”. Curtis’s wife, high profile public relations entrepreneur Roxy Jacenko, will top it all off by turning the whole ordeal into a media circus, slinging photos of herself in designer shoes and frocks en route to court onto Instagram Canada Goose sale.

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